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Sunday, 22 May 2011

No relation

Matteu Mitchman is definitely no relation
but he turns up on 'mitchmen' searches in Google so I thought I'd enrol him here.
Worth a mention.

Photographer Adam Pretty has caught some nice highlights here on the curvature of his 6-pack

Monday, 16 May 2011


Cut away vest

Continuing my occasional 'vest' images, this one shows the cut away design that highlights muscular shoulders. Incorporating design elements from the Argentine flag has added shape and clean, attractive colours. It also seems to vest the wearer with sporty connections and Latin attributes.

There's a sweetly, submissive element in the kneeling pose

This image comes from the Narciso Underwear range.
There is a site but it seems to be inaccessible.
You can find more images however by Googling them.

I hope to assemble these vest images into a coherent, spiced up article
 on the main blog when I have more time.