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Saturday, 18 February 2012

More patterned briefs

I find this image fascinating. The flowery pattern on these briefs creates a completely different effect to the butch candy stripe in the previous post - softer almost feminine. The model's pose - like the figurehead on an old sailing ship - seems to suggest he's not sure about it either but can't interrupt what he's doing to fix it.

Studio and model not known (info welcome)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Clothing and Masculinity 2

In my last post, the choice of clothing for the model focussed attention onto the shaping of the upper body, but these colourful trunks emphasise size and draw the eyes to the glutes lower down - despite the fact that this athlete probably has an even more impressive back. The complex pattern creates an impression of bulk within, at the expense of showing shape. The thick white banding round the thighs and waist also highlight size but this time of the adjacent parts of the body.

The model's rather fragile facial features, though not lacking in masculinity, are much more delicately shaped and somehow not quite in harmony with his mighty body. This image ought to give an overwhelming impression of strength, size and dominance but instead the un-natural pose and downcast face reveal a moment of subservience and obedience - to the photographer.

Thanks to the reader who ID'd the model for me as Steve Moriaty and enabled me to track down the photographer Rick Day (via Stephen's Facebook Page).

There's a detailed article about Steven Moriarty's career at my main (adult) blog

See also comment attached which has links to more nice pix.