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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Muscle Loving Men

JR Matthews and Jay Roberts
Modern erotic videos generally bypass the romantic side of physical attraction and clothing is rapidly discarded (often in less than the twinkling of an eye). But it is distinctive ingredients like this which attract my interest, not acres of flesh. This image is striking not only for it's expression of man to man tenderness, but also the body-enhancing effect of the clinging T-shirts.  
This picture also captures the muscularity of the two models, this time by employing a close up, framing their shoulders. There's a subtle shift of mood to sensuality and desire which is portrayed most sensitively and softly without compromising the masculinity of the lovers.
Pictures from CockSureMen

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Face of Maturity

I don't think it matters if you like older men or hairy men, this picture captures a personality. Just terrific! I don't know the artist, the chin line has something of Drawfellas
Can any reader supply an ID?

Note:- Two readers have identified the artist as NM Rosario and there's a link in the comments below