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Friday, 14 August 2015

You 'orrible shower!

Dillon Parkes

This image ties in with a couple of themes at this blog of which the most obvious is the watery theme, nicely capturing the thorough drenching of the model. The arms held up in the air allows the interesting speculation for darker minds that this is not a routine hygiene routine but some sort of hazing or punishment under restraint. The curious off-centre cropping helps by creating the impression of an unplanned moment not deliberately posed for publication.

The second theme picked up here is the '15 minutes of fame'. The picture that is the highlight of a model's career. Actually Dillon is a successful model with a disappointing penchant for being photographed with women, but this memorable homoerotic image that pops up everywhere seems to be a unique classic. Searching through his published pictures I have found nothing to match it and discovered that his normal appearance is a good deal more boyish than this picture suggests. Oh well, maybe in a few years.......