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Mitchell (July 2019).

Tuesday, 1 October 2019


Another example of clothing flattering a model's body shape.
The V-shape of the braces artfully echoes the natural taper of the torso. 

Their taut line emphasises the undulations of musculature,
detouring around the mounds or jumping across the canyons.
With a slightly naughty point of convergence
But braces are not meant to be in contact with skin.
It's slightly shocking and dissolute combination
Implying undress, yet emphasising decency. 

I don't know the model or photographer yet.

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Alex Geerman posing in a T-shirt in a very unconventional way. 
Perhaps it's an ad campaign for chest aftershave,
But it's a striking and unexpectedly sensual image.
I haven't ID'd the photographer yet.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Summer in Paradise

JuiceJ - title unknown

It's that time of year when men undress on beaches.
Not usually quite like this though. 
The high waisted underwear suggests a man of some modesty

I don't know who JuiceJ is, this image looks like it has photgraphic origins.

Monday, 1 July 2019

The Making of a Man

This blog is dedicated to male beauty and Aaron Cal is a worthy representative.

He reminds us that hard work is needed to make the most of what nature gifted to us.

I'd follow a man like this anywhere!

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Summer in the City

Reyes MA - New Yorker (Up On A Roof)
This image with it's acid-bright colours seems to speak of Summer, long and hot
the swirly sky reads like an invocation of heatwave conditions,
the subject's shiny face and clinging, summery attire likewise.

The leaves on the ground though are a augury of Autumn
 and thoughts of the future seems to be reflected in his serious expression
and that typically masculine, crouching pose, denoting a pause in activity.

The man portrayed here is strikingly muscular, his arms and neck convey that, 
even without the curious, explicit outlines showing through his T-shirt.
These seem to be another signifier of the summer heat 
supplementing the fleshy tones which also show through the material
at places where it stretches across perspiring, mounded muscle. 

Seemingly sketchy and naive at first sight, there's some clever observation here

I can't find a website for Miguel Angel Reyes
 but you'll find lots about him and sample images if you search on-line
There's a selection at the Homoerotic Art Museum

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Summer is coming (again)

If this picture of Allen Clippinger strolling on the beach with a parasol seems familiar to you, 
click on this reminder and you'll know why. 

Hong Tao's recreation of the subject copies the photograph fairly closely, but he seems to have swapped the hint of boyish mischief seen here in the model's face for a more serious and sensitive demeanour. He focuses our attention on the model's character (and subtly changes our perceptions of it) by removing the distracting background of sea and beach, with all it's associations with summer, play and fun. Comparing the two pictures gives a rather good illustration of how we are subconsciously influenced by what appears to be minor detail.

The disappearance of the sporty numbers on the swimming trunks is also part of that transformation though I must say I like to see numbers on a man, it suggests he's got some energy and offers the faint chance that he might be capable of submitting to discipline. 

When I first saw Hong Tao's picture I was struck by the apparent flimsiness and loose fit of the model's shorts which gave it a slightly erotic flavour. You can almost see the same effect in the original photograph but it's clear here that it's created by shadowing and the dishevelling effect of actually getting them wet in the sea (God forbid!). The suggestive dark shadowing just above the waistline in Tao's picture is however, pure artistic licence (or should I say licentiousness!).

Monday, 1 April 2019

Mermen resurface

Merman by Know-Kname
I've featured other merman imaginings here (see label below) but this one breaks the mould a bit with his 'regular guy' look and facial hair. Know Kname gets the sense of swimming movement quite well. He avoids the thorny issues of respiration and reproductive functions by clever angling and basically not showing anything.

See more of his work at Know-Kname's gallery at Deviant Art
(but you'll have to hunt out pieces anything like this)