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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Sultry Office Hunk

(model and photographer not identified)
Even if he's fully clothed this is a great picture of the office hunk as you'd like him to be.
The tight-fitting clothing is very 'mitchmen' and would turn many heads.

The open neck reveals little except some attractive chest 'grow-back'
but it seems to create a curious disconnection of the head.
as though it's bursting out of the tightly buttoned up clothing.

The braces make a nice pairing for my 'Pants Dropper' picture for October 2019

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Enigma of Super Strength

Julia Cross - 'Herakles' Avengers Tarot card
A curious take on the Avengers family of superheroes.
Amid the ruins of another beaten villain's empire,
Captain America strips naked to befriend a baby lion.
He's painted as Vulnerable, soft and cuddly, 
but I just wonder, why?
Likewise Herakles (Hercules)?

The allusion to Tarot Cards seems to invoke fateand the workings of destiny
which seems a contradiction for a character so clearly in control of himself.

It's a nice image though. with attractive flesh tones
The technique is also quite interesting, 
The design borrowed from from the early 1900's
predates Captain America, methinks.

Perhaps I'm missing something.

 The other images in the Tarot series of Julia Cross
 are rather less interesting from a mitchmen point of view.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Pick Up Your Bed

Mark Tsarevsky - 'Pick up your bed' by David Vance
David Vance conjures up the impression of a nomad.
Minimal possesions, have bed will travel.
His saucy, sagging pants cock a snook at conventional souls.
Judging by his physique though, he's not destitute
and can still afford his gym fees.

Mark Tsarevsky by David Vance

Friday, 1 November 2019

Corner Time

'Bobby' by Richard Laeton
A study of a pensive man with an exceptionally shapely body.
Richard Laeton employs colours freely using exuberant brushwork.
He's caught the man's body highlights and shadowing nicely here.
Not so sure about the background though - is that a fire in the corner?

Tuesday, 1 October 2019


Another example of clothing flattering a model's body shape.
The V-shape of the braces artfully echoes the natural taper of the torso. 

Their taut line emphasises the undulations of musculature,
detouring around the mounds or jumping across the canyons.
With a slightly naughty point of convergence
But braces are not meant to be in contact with skin.
It's slightly shocking and dissolute combination
Implying undress, yet emphasising decency. 

I don't know the model or photographer yet.

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Alex Geerman posing in a T-shirt in a very unconventional way. 
Perhaps it's an ad campaign for chest aftershave,
But it's a striking and unexpectedly sensual image.
I haven't ID'd the photographer yet.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Summer in Paradise

JuiceJ - title unknown

It's that time of year when men undress on beaches.
Not usually quite like this though. 
The high waisted underwear suggests a man of some modesty

I don't know who JuiceJ is, this image looks like it has photgraphic origins.