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Wednesday 1 January 2020

The Enigma of Super Strength

Julia Cross - 'Herakles' Avengers Tarot card
A curious take on the Avengers family of superheroes.
Amid the ruins of another beaten villain's empire,
Captain America strips naked to befriend a baby lion.
He's painted as Vulnerable, soft and cuddly, 
but I just wonder, why?
Likewise Herakles (Hercules)?

The allusion to Tarot Cards seems to invoke fateand the workings of destiny
which seems a contradiction for a character so clearly in control of himself.

It's a nice image though. with attractive flesh tones
The technique is also quite interesting, 
The design borrowed from from the early 1900's
predates Captain America, methinks.

Perhaps I'm missing something.

 The other images in the Tarot series of Julia Cross
 are rather less interesting from a mitchmen point of view.