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Friday 1 May 2020

Crouching Man

Fighter (?) by Dez

This is an interesting picture!

A man with a supremely muscular upper body and edgy hairstyle,
 his delicate bubble butt clad in snug-fitting 'Butt' brand undershorts,
crouches in the middle of a spotlight circle.

He has something of the air of a fighter 
 but two cold eyes staring at him from the darkness
seem to be either alarming or shocking him.

What does it mean?

I confess I don't know and I've not been able to track down more of Dez' work 
which might have shed some light on what he is all about.
Those eyes seem to have a dangerous, other-worldly, un-dead air.
Enough to make a strong man quail.
but maybe the explanation is more prosaic.

If you are into men, it's a great picture anyway