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Saturday 3 April 2021

Merman or Mer-warrior?

Rob Saint - Merman Splash

 This artist approaches the merman as a heroic, god-like figure, able to raise himeself above the water. He almost looks as if he is emerging from the mouth of a fish. The water itself is depicted in an interesting, slightly spiky way as though it is a hostile or alien environment (which it must be for a metal sword surely!). The depiction of the man's physique is also very detailed, but rather bland by comparison. There's a sense of great strength, but not much by way of personality. The vexed question of reproduction is simply ignored with an indecisive mist shrouding the area. An odd column of oval dots running down the body of the fish seems to hint bizarrely at a buttoned-up covering.  I'm irresistably reminded of those dancing fish with Top Hats and waistcoats that cartoonists used to draw.

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