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Thursday 30 November 2017

Locker Room Mood

Bruno Bernal in shorts
I often ramble on about how well-chosen clothes enhance the male physique. This shot of chunky Bruno Bernal makes out a good case for my thesis. The tight tee is a classic device of course for bringing out the attractions of the upper body and though Bruno does not have the widest of shoulders, look how glorious his arms look emerging from the curving grey hem of the garment. For that matter see how thick and strong his neck looks.

The black shorts in contrast are not tight at all, nor particularly brief, but the leg is cut just high enough to produce a similar emphatic wow for Bruno's chunky thighs. The black socks play a supporting role by obscuring the more tapered part of the leg which might detract from the blocky squareness and by virtue of their colour produce a bulkier look to complement the shorts. 

The picture of Bruno below (from his Twitter feed) illustrates the opposite effects. 
Same body, different clothes. 
Clothes that allow his personality through


You shouldn't have any difficulty finding pictures of Bruno without clothes for further comparison. 
The UK Hot Jocks picture at the top of this article is part of a series of which you can find more here