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Thursday 30 December 2010


I'm currently showcasing Connor (above) at the main blog.

A recent addition to the Bound Guys stable of models, Connor has a innocent boyish face and a chunky, rugby build that sets off ropework very well. In this scene an innocent tourist is about to be kidnapped for ransom.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Beach Bums by Mitchell

Mitchell - Beach Bums
This simple study of two men posing in their beach gear is a bit of a personal favourite. It's more simply drawn than some of my pictures and I thought the faces came out well. As you can see it was used in my S&M Clinic story, an ambitious project from 2008 which petered out halfway through, mostly because the story developed uncontrollably.

I have been actively considering returning to this series recently, the Clinic theme was always intended a loose framework for showcasing the possibilities of various medical procedures and there is plenty of material for additional departments. The real challenge is the unfinished storyline which I want to sort out at some point. Having tried my hand at a couple of complex stories I have developed great respect for writers of real literature who produce great epics fleshed out with interesting characters and evocative descriptions.

Saturday 23 October 2010

Athletes Wrestling by Mitchell

Mitchell - Athlete Restrained
This is an early picture inspired by Tom of Finland's imagery. Wrestling is a good context for portraying the male form and strength. Originally published as part of a set called 'Inspired by Tom' which is available at Mitchell's 'mitchmen' Yahoo Group.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Cops and ...........

Although I'm a Brit I've always preferred the US style of Cop uniform
and they feature in many of my pictures and stories.

It seems like boy's stuff, but the shoulder flashes, the epaulets, the patch pockets
and the chunky belt all accentuate the physical characteristics of the male body.

Shades add to the image of authority although these, worn by Bryce are a bit odd.

Not forgetting boots, handcuffs and a gun.
That's quite an armoury of memorable masculine paraphernalia
 before you even consider the man inside the uniform.

Monday 20 September 2010

Time for a break

Mitchell is taking a break and leaving this bloke in charge, so behave yourselves while I'm away! Posting will resume in early October

Friday 10 September 2010

Sun God

Nielsen - Sungod
My A-Z of artists reaches the letter 'N' next at the main mitchmen blog and as usual I select a 'nice' picture to launch proceedings. Sungod by Nielsen is hardy fetish art but the voluptuous treatment of the subject's body is exceedingly attractive and it's a beautiful invocation of manhood.
Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists resumes soon at the blog.

Saturday 4 September 2010

More Hairy Experiments

A rash of body hair suddenly appearing on this model's chest creates a surprisingly erotic effect, his designer stubble has been beefed up too but I think it's the change in eye colour which makes the second image so arresting. As though something strange is reaching out of the picture to you.

This is a more extreme transformation, I love the visual effect of hair swirling over a mans body and the ability it has to enhance his physique. This example shows the ageing effect or perhaps it would be more precise to say maturing effect.

Sunday 29 August 2010

No Hair or Hair?

Hair as a ingredient of male beauty comes and goes and it's past manifestations are fashions soon forgotten, so it's interesting to see how it can alter a man's appearance. This study by an talented, anonymous artist shows how the model Joseph Sayers might look with facial hair.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Sporting Developments at mitchmen

The mitchmen review of Royale Studios is now looking at sporting photo sets, which naturally features shorts and socks a-plenty. There's also a sporting theme at the Yahoo! Group which is showcasing Mitchells drawings of Sportsmen humiliated.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Military Shorts

This period picture illustrates the ongoing themes of shorts and military discipline in the review of Royale Studios at Mitchell's main blog. Bizarre black humour too. Themes that are grist to the mill in Mitchell's Art as you can see if you visit my Yahoo Group.

Monday 2 August 2010

Naval Shorts

My review of Royale Studio at mitchmen blog has reached nautical topics!
To accompany that here are some pictures of real RN sailors in white short uniforms.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Military Connections

A marvellous image of a soldier on the march to complement my 'Fortunes of War' story at the Yahoo Group and the Review of the, now defunct, 'Guys in Uniform' Studio at the blog. This is a well built man who would grace any clothing but I love the way his sleeves are rolled up an extra inch or so to show of his biceps, the framing of his neck by the neatly arranged shirt and not least the meticulously deformed beret. Mangling headgear is something of an art form in the armed forces, transforming a mundane slightly ridiculous garment into one that pleases and smoulders with character.

Someone asked what country do these men fight for? (see comments).
The answer is Holland, their equivalent of the marines and if you search images you'll discover they are a splendid  body of men (see below)

I surrender! That ringed cap on the end of his gun looks lethal!

Thursday 15 July 2010

A Striking Face

Arno Galmarini is a lesson in male beauty, it's a look I try to capture sometimes in my more serious pictures. Fortunes of war continues at the Yahoo Group and the next article at the blog will be a review of the work of Royale Studios and Guys In Uniform.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

'mitchmen' blog restored

I am very happy to be able tell you that Google have restored my old 'mitchmen' blog with all it's archive of articles and pictures intact. The blog link in the sidebar now takes you to the original blog and I have added some posts there which complete the letter 'M' of my A-Z of Fetish Artists. I haven't decided the future of the replacement blog which I was constructing at Thumblogger but for the time being I have added a link to the small gallery of pictures I had assembled there. It may evolve into a shop where I can offer work for sale.

Saturday 10 July 2010

'Fortunes of War' starts at 'mitchmen'

Mitchell - Soldiers Nightmare

It hadn't been an easy tour. The locals were at each others throats, crazy stuff. You'd never have thought they'd lived alongside each other for hundreds of years. We got in between them. We had to. Both sides thought we were helping their enemies. They were more than happy to vent their hatred on us. Non-violent protest they called it. That's a laugh! It's all in a days work for us. Confronting organised, angry civilian rioters. But it's a soldier's nightmare.

This is an extract from the first episode of Mitchell's story "Fortunes of War" which is being published in installments at the 'mitchmen' Yahoo Group.
Joining is free and you get access to a large collection of Mitchell's adult work.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Scene setting for Mitchell's Fortunes of War story

This picture of British soldiers on peacekeeping duties in a bleak urban landscape helps set the scene for my new mitchmen story, 'Fortunes of War'. The jaunty berets and macho hardware contribute to the imagery but I dispense with camouflage which (unsurprisingly!) is not conducive to clarity of detail in black and white drawn pictures.

Mitchell's 'Fortunes of War' starts at the Yahoo! Group in a few days.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Fortunes of War by Mitchell

Starting soon at 'mitchmen' at Yahoo!

Mitchell's new story is called "Fortunes of War"
A tale of unconventional enemies

Join for free at 'mitchmen'

Friday 2 July 2010

More Verlato at mitchmen

Verlato - Still Fighting

I love this twisting, arching body and the army fatigues don't do any harm to the image either,
this is an artist who loves men.

Verlato - Gator

Another striking image showing the male form to advantage.
This picture is less complex than others but equally surreal.

See more by the artist at Nicola Verlato

Wednesday 30 June 2010

A new artist

Verlato - Enduring Freedom

I stumbled across this artist recently, new to me. I enjoy these depictions of soldiers, the tension of the bodies and drama in the poses is striking. Much of this artist's work is rather more surreal than this and you can see Dali in the sensual texturing of the bodies and the floating poses.

My next story at the Yahoo group has a military theme too. Should start soon.

See more by the artist in the next post and at Nicola Verlato

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Workmen and builders

I came across this picture about a year ago and it really grabbed me. There's some fakery going on but I find the face and neck line exceedingly interesting. Builders and workmen are one of my long time fascinations (along with Rugby Players, Sailors etc etc... ..). A classic 'mitchmen' image! When I was a teenager I spent a summer studying chaps like this on a building site near my home. They feature heroically in my Press Gang story (posted at the Yahoo Group).

I can't remember where I found this image but if the owner gets in touch I'll give a credit.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Cops in Trouble

I have posted the new installment of the A-Z at the blog, the next artist calls himself moc.
. moc - Tight Shift - Caught
This is the first panel in a series called 'Tight Shift'. You can probably work out what happens to the unfortunate guards from the rope and handcuffs. moc has a nice clean style, I particularly like the faces. My full review with more illustrations is at the mitchmen blog.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

mitchmen starts over with a Mitchell Rugby picture

For my first post I'm going to be uncontroversial but still sexy I hope!
(see comments!)