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Monday 21 November 2011

High Waisted Trousers

Man eating an apple

My latest series at the Yahoo! Group (see sidebar) is a fairly old work and features fashions from the 70's such as the sort of trousers shown here. I stumbled across this picture just a few days ago. I don't know the vintage but it shows an exceedingly high waist line which accentuates this man's trim midsection. It's a style somewhat reminiscent of Navy trousers though this outfit puts me in mind of fairground workers for some reason. It's also a striking example of the ability of the humble shirt to showcase muscular arms which would look far less impressive in a topless shot.

Addendum Dec 2011: My readers have identified this model as Steeve Reeves, no less,
 auditioning for 'Lil Abner. More at Born Again Redneck

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Military Style

Chase Bauer

Over at my regular (adult) blog I've been running a lengthy article about the military style photographic sets produced by Royale Studio in the 50's/60's and making a plea for a modern photographer to revive the genre. This photo gives a glimpse of what might result. Chase Bauer could just be a soldier with those khaki trousers, a bare chested warrior crossing a watery obstacle in pursuit of the enemy or freshening up after the march.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Beautiful Thing - 2

Francisco Soriano
This image fits in with my recent theme of images propelled by striking colours. In this case there's a bit of a fight going on between the shoulder enhancing, royal blue T-shirt and the lime green trunks but the power of clothing to enhance the male body could not be better illustrated.

However, the most memorable feature of this picture lies not the clothes at all, but in the fact that the model has kept his spectacles on for the shoot - and to tremendous effect, undoubtedly disproving the adage that 'no one makes passes at men who wear glasses'
The result is sort of Clark Kent - Superman moment, although with muscles like this as a starting point I imagine the transformation would be less astonishing than is suggested in the comics.

As in my last post (Jeff Stryker), beauty does not have to conform to crude commercial formulae. Nevertheless I have to give credit to this model and Jockbutt, the sponsors of the picture for a bold gesture that will warm the cockles of spectacle wearers everywhere.

Fifteen minutes of fame for the model
but I suspect this image will be around for many years to come.