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Sunday 29 January 2012


Angel Diabolo (Randy Blue)

Neither angelic nor diabolic, I suspect, but certainly 100% man. This model has worked hard on his upper body and the sweep of his muscular back is a beautiful result. The leather jeans accentuate his narrow waist and add their own dark, (diabolic?), masculine associations into the mix.

Tattoos have always been the hallmark of adventurous males and associated with seafarers in particular, but I'm generally not a fan of large ones like this. In this shot, the panther tattoo cleverly accentuates the shape of the models upper back. Similarly the tribal tattoo on the shoulder adds visual emphasis and bulk to that part of his body but I'm not convinced that it makes it's shape look any better.

Thursday 19 January 2012


Josey Greenwell

Another model apparently less than happy in his work. (Click on the discomfort label below for others). Maybe it's just the heat, or did the application of oil surprise him? Perhaps he's been told the next pose is a little more challenging. Whatever the case I just love that look that says 'I don't think I'm gonna like this!'.

Photography by Kevin Hubbard

Tuesday 10 January 2012


Edu Boxer (identified for me by Kris - see comment below)

At mitchmen we like pictures of men who look as though they don't like what they are being asked to do. Particularly when they are going to some lengths to portray themselves as dominant males. Licking a wall must rate pretty high on the list of model's pet hates.
It's for art dear boy!