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Sunday 30 June 2024

Tight Clothes

There's been a fashion recently for men to wear tight clothing for work

For less formal wear the practice goes back further but was generally confimed to those who had something spectacular underneath that they wanted to show off. 

I don't know who created this image, it looks enhanced but what's not to like?

Friday 31 May 2024


running time
'Running Time' by Pickedapeck

 Men dressing and undressing, moving from one persona to another, make great subjects.

Pickedapeck's style is very original and modern. Lean and cartoon-y on the surface, it has a wealth of subtle detail that give his pictures and characters life (like sitting the jogger on the stairs to put his running shoes on). He leads them though a mixture of activities, both mundane and surprising that fascinate and build up into a picture of a life that has been led.

 More images by Pickedapeck

You might also like another nice picture of a Jogger by Nickie 
(from mitchmen blog)

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Tuesday 30 April 2024

Dark Angel

Black Angel by 'Males Been'

 Angels pop up regularly in gay art, usually as the personification of purity, ripe for to be corrupted and thence moved into the 'fallen' category. This dark angel seems neither pure nor wicked. Instead he expresses an intensity of purpose which he is determined to share. In the art of Males Been black is the colour of liberated sexuality.


AI image by Males Been (Australia)

Monday 1 April 2024

Speedo Heaven

Breyette - Alan in Swimming Trunks

 There's something special about swimming trunks, the cut, the texture...
Breyette has cleverly captured it in this picture.
The water stream cascading in the background is, ahem, 'skillfully' positioned. 

See Life Saver for more nice speedos

Swimming pool steps also seem to capture the imagination of beefcake photographers. This artist has mirrored the sweeping curves of these modern hand rails in the arched shaping of the swimmer's body. It's almost as if they have life and are wrestling with him.

Compare that effect with this watery image by Breyette (from mitchmen blog)

click on the 'wet' label below for more Breyette 'wetness'  

Explore The Art of Michael Breyette

Thursday 29 February 2024

Do You Want To?

Adam Bryant looks suspicious about getting onto this giant bed.
It is broad daylight after all and he only met the photographer an hour ago.
He doesn't look the sort to be messed with.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Up For Sale

Shanghaied Sailor by Royale

 A slave auction as seen by Royale Studio in 1960 and re-interpreted by AI.

It's part of their adventure story called 'Shanghaied Sailor' that gives a novel answer the age old poser - What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? Unexpectedly it's set not in Old Marrakesh nor anywhere else in the Arab world but in the West Indies, providing a remarkable reversal of stereotyping.

See the whole 'Shanghaied Sailor' story at the Royale Studio blog

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Black Beauty

Adonisio - Stunning Nigerian

Who said pouches were old fashioned?
Who said G-strings were for women?
This guy proves otherwise. 
He looks as if he's just beamed down in the Tardis
 and is apprehensive about his reception. 
I don't think he's got too much to worry about!

 Stunning AI Art by Adonisio

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Camp Cruising Sailors and Sexy Rugby Players