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Wednesday 14 February 2024

Up For Sale

Shanghaied Sailor by Royale

 A slave auction as seen by Royale Studio in 1960 and re-interpreted by AI.

It's part of their adventure story called 'Shanghaied Sailor' that gives a novel answer the age old poser - What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? Unexpectedly it's set not in Old Marrakesh nor anywhere else in the Arab world but in the West Indies, providing a remarkable reversal of stereotyping.

See the whole 'Shanghaied Sailor' story at the Royale Studio blog

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Black Beauty

Adonisio - Stunning Nigerian

Who said pouches were old fashioned?
Who said G-strings were for women?
This guy proves otherwise. 
He looks as if he's just beamed down in the Tardis
 and is apprehensive about his reception. 
I don't think he's got too much to worry about!

 Stunning AI Art by Adonisio

More selections by this artist at mitchmen blog
Camp Cruising Sailors and Sexy Rugby Players

Sunday 31 December 2023

Shall I?

 It's the time of year to consider making resolutions to improve oneself.
Hunky Quinton Wynn doesn't look as if he's been doing much wrong to me.
Perhaps he's thinking that he ought to be less eager to take off his clothes for strange men.
Or maybe he's worked out that his chest shave is overdue.
Or perhaps he's thinking that his party outfit over the festive season was a mistake....

Top photo by Hayden Su
Bottom photo by Nestor

Friday 1 December 2023


Honeysuckle - Christopher Furminger

Furminger's male art has a variety of styles and this is a particularly arty example.
A man is seemingly entwined with the growth of the Honeysuckle and praying.
His face is striking, the hint of hair on his lip and cheek suggesting artistic sensitivity. 

The Honeysuckle flower is said by some to represent the flames of passion and love.
It's sweet scent reflecting the happiness that comes with that scent.


Wednesday 1 November 2023

Green Leotard

I have a fascination with leotards and bodysuits which seem to be uniquely revealing on a man even though they are only a combination of two commonplace garments, singlets and briefs. 

In this picture by David Kawena the model wearing it happens to have particularly potent, masculine characteristics - alluring Latin looks, a neatly trimmed beard but wild head hair and copious tattoos. The snug fitting garment is normally suggestive of sporting activity - wrestling typically or perhaps swimming and yet this man is lounging, somewhat provocatively, in an antique style of chair in a lushly styled interior. 

The whole combination seems unaccountably incongruous and unsettling and yet riveting. 
It's as if a hedonist had suddenly materialised in a staid, traditional, gentleman's club.

Great image
the model is Jason Suminski

Saturday 30 September 2023

Anxious Moments

Michael Leonard - Athlete

 This intriguing drawing by Michael Leonard seems to be depicting a participant one of those earthy, traditional, wrestling competitions, resting and leaning against a mirror with his pants rolled down for sweaty action. He's gazing off to the side with an expression that might be fear or annoyance. Not an especially handsome man, but very attractive in a masculine way. 

Friday 1 September 2023

Mermen swim back

Gabo - Merman

Of all the mermen I have featured here over the years, I think I like this the best. 
His face and his physique are bang on the button for me right now 
and there's a delicious swirl in his tail that makes a very pleasing image.
The dreaded 'join' is swept aside with confidence as if it didn't matter.
But the merman himself doesn't seem totally happy about it.
No prospect here of fathering merkids, it seems.
Don't worry, there's someone for everyone.
(If I may say so, a harpoon-toting merman seems a bit like a turkey voting for Christmas or Thanksgiving but then again, I'm no expert on the species).
Gabo - Merman, dressed

By way of consolation Gabo has produced a human alter ego 
and he thankfully seems to have the necessary tackle.
I do love a man in swimming trunks!
Not crazy about ones who carry harpoons though.
And if he turns into a merman at midnight things might get tricky