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Saturday 1 May 2021

Stairway To Heaven

Maverick Willett by Blake Brooks

 I have a weakness for snug fitting shorts on big, handsome men! Nuff said.

There's also some clever photography in this image. It's a commercial shoot and the underwear is meant to be the main focus. That's achieved by setting it's vibrant colours against a background entirely comprised of understated, earth tones. That includes even the model's body, although the colours there are rich enough to stand out.

The architecture background with it's soaring spire conjures up a sense of aspiration (reaching for the stars and all that). The model is seen mounting a ladder, as if heading towards that elevated goal with only his underpants to assist him. Which goes to show how far a sexy pair of undies will get you!

The determined set of his face adds to all that but also picks up on the hovering mood of the city of superheroes, which the familiar skyscraper inevitably remind us of .