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Saturday 1 August 2020

The Way We Were?

Swimmers 1934, Halley Johnson (?)

This is an eerie perspective on Summers gone by
 with two (male) swimmers seemingly stranded on a tiny island
one looking distinctly stressed as he clutches his beach ball
while a yacht serenely passes by with no sign of a human crew
and above them a strangely disconnected moon 
looks down through a window torn in a darkening sky.

The styling of this image is striking, Deco? 
Maybe, but it's initial promise of charming, carefree nostalgia
seems to rapidly dissipate on closer inspection.
 I've not been able to fully verify the artist's identity,
 but the date (if true) suggests a further ominous spin on the mood.
Or are the long shadows and gusting breeze simply signalling sunset,
and the sorrowful ending of an idyllic day in paradise?

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