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Monday 1 June 2020

Silent Reflection

Gabriel Garbow - Silent Reflection
At this time of year thoughts turn to lazy days in and around water.
(in the Northern Hemisphere at least!)

Actually, the cool palette in this image does not conjure up a sunny day,
which makes the title seem all the more appropriate.

This seems like a natural pool in a wooded glade. 
A place of escape from the worries and pressure of life,
and the exhausting need to constantly enjoy and experience.

The serenity of the swimmer's face shows his calm pleasure
in simply doing nothing, a rich man indeed.

This artist has a passion for watery subjects
 including an obvious admiration for Scott-Tuke 
I suppose it's a bit chocolate-boxy but then again,
Who doesn't like chocolate once in a while?

Actually, there's possibly an allusion here to Millais' 'Ophelia'
which would assign a much darker overtone to both image and title.