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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Sci Fi Fantasies by Ariel-X

Ariel-X - Devoratrix

I'm not really into the Fantasy sub-genre of Science Fiction but I've always been fascinated by the depictions of men in them, usually as scantily-clad, muscular heroes. Unlike more prominent artists working in this area, Ariel-X gives them handsome faces in the modern taste and (thank goodness) relatively, short hair (I'll let the mullet on this one pass). 

Clad only in underwear and a butch belt, he is splendidly ill-equipped to face the formidable 'Devoratrix' which has just appeared out of the darkness and is already curling his spiny tail around him. Our hero is probably unaware of the danger coming from behind, but it might have been more prudent anyway to have drawn his sword for this exploration. Now, blinded by the light of those (presumably malevolent) eyes he raises his lantern in the hope that the tiny flame will scare the creature away. Fingers crossed!

As a 'hero in trouble' image this is the full monty, dramatically confronting the seemingly defenceless, physically exposed human with an enormous predator whose likeness to earth reptiles unaccountably stirs inbred fears in all of us.

All the images in this post will enlarge if you click on them


Ariel-X - Gifthinder

 This hero going ou on a limb is even more attractive with a less chunky build, a trace of manly stubble and charming fair hair suggestive of a less-than-manly interest in hair bleaching (or perhaps it's the sun that's done it). His near-white pouch is cleverly topped by two criss-cross belts and judging by it's trailing threads it's seen lots of action. I'm not surprised at that. The artist has conjured up a moist, rain forest for this setting which won't be doing those tattered remnants any good either. 

Our hero of course has more immediate concerns as he's confronted by the threat of carnivorous creepers (straight of of Little Shop of Horrors). They bar his way through the forest canopy but terrifyingly he's armed only with a spear, I guess he dropped his sword in an earlier incident and it fell to the forest floor, way below. Now he seems resigned to the worst, seemingly offering himself up to them. Perhaps they've mesmerised him. Perhaps he's mesmerised them! He does me.

A more subtle use of light here and some beautiful colour toning.You get a real sense of the hero balancing precariously (and once again neglectful of the danger at his feet).

A less extravagantly visualised adversary could give this image, a beautifully sinister edge.

Ariel-X - Sola Heros

 This man is understandably more circumspect about descending this path whose depths have a fiery glow and seem to be throwing up embers like a volcano. The danger seems less imminent but a predecessor only made it to 6th step, which would give anyone food for thought. Nearby lies a curious, Christmas bauble-like object which might be the object of his quest. The curious rock formations around him are suggestive of altogether different challenges, perhaps that's what attracts him so.

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