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Tuesday 1 September 2020

Wet, wet, wet, wet


There's a summery, wet thing going on here recently, 
what with all the swimmers I've featured.
This contender for wettest T-shirt sombrely marks 
the transition into the rainy season and autumn.

Wet shirts always flatter shapely figures
but this takes wetness to a different level. 

Sometimes getting wet is fun!
it helps if you're wearing someone else's clothes of course.
I like the way this models abs mirror the quilting of his jacket.
But does that make you think the jacket is waterproof?

 Sometimes getting wet isn't fun!
I'm not sure this is a good advert for a raincoat either.
To me it seems to say "Should have stayed at home".
Still it's a fabulous image.

Getting into the realms of torture here!
(or some hare-brained charity stunt).

Water cascading over men's bodies in showers is a familiar sight
but flooding the face seems much more disturbing
The rivulets draw out the model's facial contours beautifully 
but coupled with his less-than-cheerful reaction 
there's an uncomfortable comparison with floods of tears.

This great set of photographs entitled 'Waterfall' are the work of
Models: Matthew Terry, Matthew Noszka & Vitor Melo

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