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Friday 1 March 2019


Vern Dufford - Adrift
This is as good an invocation of loneliness and sadness you are ever likely to find and the nudity of the sailor implies it has sexual origins. With the boat still under full sail it's clearly him who's adrift, or contemplating it by parting company with the vessel. His outspread arms are suggestive of crucifixion images and the persecution associations that go with it.

The sober colouring is beautifully balanced, a grey, threatening sea and brown boat. A glimpse of yellow, sunset sky adds to the gloomy atmosphere but casts a warm glow over the sailor's muscular body injecting a note of optimism, a hint of inner strength.

This artist has a range of styles (just google his name to see) but has produced a number of images on this particular theme (and similar invocations of male alone-ness) in simple, sombre-toned compositions that seem to hark back to the 30's

There's a good collection here