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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Wrap Up Well

Ryan Monroe

This model's big, big, bulked-up body is accentuated by these brilliant 'wrap around' briefs. The straight cut across the legs makes them resemble shorts which appear to have shrunk in the wash so they barely fit. The striking, lime green colour is an unexpected, flamboyant contrast to the serious, bearded face. Perhaps he'd be more comfortable in something less showy but I'm not complaining.

Picture by JimmyZ

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

It seems like every model produces a truly memorable picture at some point. An image that will be around for rather more than fifeen minutes. Everybody remembers the picture but the name of the model is soon forgotten - and as for the photographer, the true creator, well....

This is Joseph Odorisio, a man of striking appearance but my, what a difference that red vest makes! Wet, clinging and with an amazing texture. You hardly notice the racy trunks.

Sorry, don't know the photographer.