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Thursday 31 January 2019

Paisley Pants

I'm developing a fascination with patterned underwear for men
and the way it enhances maleness, contrary to the accepted view that plain is best

These ones, nicely filled out by the chunky Arad Winwood have a low waist and high, square cut legs that produce pleasing proportions. The effect of skimpiness is increased by the deep and boldly coloured waistband, which reduces the patterned area by almost one third.

That chunky waistband is an unmistakably male element. It counterbalances the suggestion of flimsiness and feminine fuss in the paisley-style pattern, but without quite removing it, leaving behind a tantalising ambiguity.

If there were room for doubt with this model, the body-hugging fabric highlights his primary male attribute and the pattern itself accentuates it, bracketing his pouch with mirror-image, rounded shapes that give it an extra, almost explicit visual dimension. The result is daring and slightly humorous but the precise balance and matching of the left and right halves of the garment that achieves this effect is a mark of true quality and attention to detail in the making of it.

Click on the patterned-briefs label below to see other examples

Credits:- Underpants by Jor , Photography by Armando Adajar

Tuesday 1 January 2019

It must be Winter

Caylan Hughes
Winter has it's compensations - the fun of Christmas, the beauty of frost and snow, skiing the slopes if you are a sporty type, but from a man spotting point of view it's hopeless - it's cover up time. 

The caption seems a little belated but Caylan Hughes here defies the weather with a bizarre pair of furry shoulder pads being his only protection from the elements. Of course, in fantasy realms like this it tends to be winter all year round so you have to take advantage of any break in the weather. The image epitomises manly hunkage and Caylan's carefully crafted, hairy highlights are perfect for it.

image: Furious Fotog