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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

mitchmen starts over with a Mitchell Rugby picture

For my first post I'm going to be uncontroversial but still sexy I hope!
(see comments!)


Anonymous said...

I do love this proud rugby player !

JF52 said...

... and I add that I'm eager to see him strictly bound and gagged... :)

Anonymous said...

Is that image in the chest purposeful, or did it come from your hand subconciously, I wonder. -Joe

Mitchell said...

I guess you are referring to the shape of the right hand branch of the 'V', with it's curious discontinuity. Well it's entirely Freudian, I hadn't seen it before. Thanks for pointing it out, it's very apt!


Anonymous said...

Yup. It even has a head on it. Looks like he's playing for Team Phallic. -J.