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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Military Connections

A marvellous image of a soldier on the march to complement my 'Fortunes of War' story at the Yahoo Group and the Review of the, now defunct, 'Guys in Uniform' Studio at the blog. This is a well built man who would grace any clothing but I love the way his sleeves are rolled up an extra inch or so to show of his biceps, the framing of his neck by the neatly arranged shirt and not least the meticulously deformed beret. Mangling headgear is something of an art form in the armed forces, transforming a mundane slightly ridiculous garment into one that pleases and smoulders with character.

Someone asked what country do these men fight for? (see comments).
The answer is Holland, their equivalent of the marines and if you search images you'll discover they are a splendid  body of men (see below)

I surrender! That ringed cap on the end of his gun looks lethal!


frglee said...

This looks like something Ulf would draw...I had to look twice to see if had been photoshopped...This guy is just too perfect ! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post...Thank you for sharing some good things!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's academic - but what country's army is he fighting for?