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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cops and ...........

Although I'm a Brit I've always preferred the US style of Cop uniform
and they feature in many of my pictures and stories.

It seems like boy's stuff, but the shoulder flashes, the epaulets, the patch pockets
and the chunky belt all accentuate the physical characteristics of the male body.

Shades add to the image of authority although these, worn by Bryce are a bit odd.

Not forgetting boots, handcuffs and a gun.
That's quite an armoury of memorable masculine paraphernalia
 before you even consider the man inside the uniform.


Anonymous said...

I agree, the American cop uniform is so much better than the British and I think the wide black leather belts they wear just set the uniform off perfectly. In some states they wear leather jackets which are the tops for me!

juicer said...

Their trousers always seem to be very tight and shows off the figure below the waist so well, all the bulges too, very sexy.