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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Richie - Merman Dimitrio

Mermen are classic fantasy figures but don't have quite the same alluring niche as their female counterparts. A man trapped within a restrictive body shape within a watery prison seems oddly emasculated. For the artist, the detail of where the man ends and the fish begins is highly problematic, Richie opts for a low slung tail.


Anonymous said...

True. And yet if the merman is a passive male with a fine rear end like the one shown in Dimitrio's art, then one may be in for a splashingly good ride!

Godric said...

May I use this in a youtube vid? I'm going to do a lower pitch of my Jolly sailor bold. Of course, I will credit you ^.^

Mitchell said...

It's by Richie not me, you must ask him. I don't know a contact address.