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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wet Underwear

Diego Sechi photographed by Dylan Rosser
Wetting the skin of a model is a sure way to bring out the contours and details of his body in bright light, but wetting his underwear reveals more than just the secret contours within. A garment intended for civilised modesty instantly fails in contact with a natural element. There's a tantalising sense of sudden exposure here that is amplified by the model's furtive downward look - just to check.
Paradoxically, the wet creases encircling the legs actually increase the impression of tight containment, already created by the brightly coloured hems and waistband. This wet underwear show draws our attention to the lower part of this athlete's body and the truncation of his legs by the water level brings out the bulky substance and muscular tension of his thighs. 
This highly masculine imagery contrasts dramatically with the submissive hands on head pose with which the muscular model submits to the whims of the photographer and the vaguely threatening water in which he has been instructed to stand. It's a power relationship that always intrigues me, all the more so when the photograph seems intended to demonstrate just who is in control and who the controlled.
Photo by Dylan Rosser,
but you may find search engines more fruitful than his own site