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Thursday 8 July 2021

Gay Lovers

 I don't know the name of this artist but I love his tasteful image which expresses Gay Pride more eloquently than any amount of flag waving or stripping off. Two men express their attraction to each other without any inhibition or guilt. Their street clothing paints them as ordinary guys and seems to imply that this is happening in a place where they might be seen. They are not practising their sexual preference hidden away 'in private' as UK law used to demand of gays in the bad old days. The blond character's scar and ear piercings indicate he's not a softie, nor a pussy, either, but a man who stands up for himself. His partner's dishevelled hair and stubble seems to suggest he's a bit of a scamp too.
It's all marvellously positive.

The style of this image is what you might call 'comic book realism' and the technique is that of an accomplished draughtsman, blending in well-observed details like the creases in the jeans with clever effects, like the highlighting of the 'blue' arm which almost seems like a glowing ring binding the two men together and protecting them in their moment of mutual obsession and love.

1 comment:

Maanu said...

I'm pretty sure this is straight out of one of the Young Avenger comics -- it's Hulkling and Wiccan (or whatever he gets renamed as if it's later in the series) -- both gay characters.