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Saturday, 1 January 2022

Dangly Things

Cavin Knight

 Summer seems a long way off in the Northern Hemisphere but where these Aussiebum swimming trunks come from, it is the height of the season. Laces on swimming trunks had a serious purpose in the old days when trunks were made of natural fibres that sucked up water and created a drag that could unclothe the unwary. Low waisted designs are still vulnerable, lacking body curves for waistbands to cling to. In general though these days laces are more decorative in nature, but allowing them to dangle risks the same thing happening if a mischief-maker takes a fancy to grabbing them. Cavin here seems to be grappling with a stray hand of his own although I hear he's not averse to letting them drop in the right situation. 

Model: Cavin Knight, Photo by Mark Henderson

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